The famous monks of the Abbaye de Citeaux used to be landowners of the vineyards from the XIth century where they used to make white wine for the mass.

We only have few information on what happened at this time but what we do know is that in the XVth century, a Portuguese family came and settled in what are today the buildings of the Domaine Bernard Delagrange et Fils, ex Domaine Lobot de la Barre.

A man of this family, the Lobot, used to be the private doctor of the Duke Charles le Téméraire whose mother also came from Portugal.

In the XVth century, The Duchy of Burgundy used to stock its wines in the cellars of the vineyards well-known for its rare two-floor architecture. Indeed, nowadays Côte-d’Or only counts 13 cellars of this kind.

A long time later, in 1972, Mr and Mrs Bernard Delagrange, wine growers from father to son for generations settled in Meursault.

Since then, Bernard Delagrange together with his son Philippe and his grand-son Alban, work in harmony in the very remarkably beautiful Domaine and cellars.

The Domaine Bernard Delagrange et Fils enlarges upon 23 hectares and more than a dozen of kilometres so as to grow the best vines of VOLNAY – POMMARD – BEAUNE –MEURSAULT – AUXEY DURESSES for red wines and SAINT ROMAIN – MEURSAULT – AUXEY DURESSES – SAVIGNY LES BEAUNE for white wines.

During grape harvest time, grapes are crushed and turned to wine in our wine warehouses in Meursault. Afterwards, the wines are matured for months in oak barrels.

At this stage, the wines are worked on very carefully from tasting to fermentation and racking before being bottled. Bottles are then kept in cellars before being sold at the Domaine or before being sent to France and worldwide.

Vine grower and wine maker from father to son from generations, Bernard Delagrange loves to share his passion and know how and moreover his respect for traditions.

Bernard Delagrange keeps on proposing local quality products which have made the fame of the family for ages.



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The Domaine Bernard Delagrange et Fils welcomes you and make you discover its cellars and taste the best burgund wines of its vineyard.